Reopen mouth, insert both feet this time (redux)!

Watching the comedy that is Steve Ballmer continuing to imagine that he knows and speaks the truth is getting to be really tiring. His diatribe continues his fine tradition in his display of cluelessness. It is NOT “intellectual property” – there is no such thing. There are copyrights, patents and trademarks. Software patents are what he is referring to and we all know how lame those things are. Since M$ continues NOT to list out what those patents are that are being violated by the FOSS community, all I can surmise it that they are lying – which is a trait par for the course as far as Microsoft business ethics are concerned.

So, MS Singapore, heed your CEO’s challenge and sue me for “software patent” violations. I am running RHEL, Fedora, Slax, and Knoppix.

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