Buying votes is being enthused?

Just saw a quote here attributed to Craig Mundie as being “enthused with the number of countries who voted Approve”. Perhaps he has deniability. Perhaps he has layers that protect him from the rest of the shenanigans that run his outfit. They are on record to having stuffed standards committees with M$ business partners, made Market Development Funds available and putting pressure on (corrupt? no!) government ministers to dance to their tune. In the Singapore context, I think their visits to various “strategic” entities helped take us down the wrong path. But then again, the fact that it failed at the ISO level anyway, shows that there is still hope and that money does not always buy favour. I would like to keep my respect for Mundie, but it getting harder to keep up the charade.

See for the list of comments submitted. I think the M$ strategy will be to target a few of those who had Disapprove with Comments to somehow say that their comments have been met at the Ballot Resolution Meeting and viola, they would get the numbers for this flawed “standard” to become ISO certified. I am sure the wheels are turning in Remond as to how best to game round two.

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