Microsoft FAILs in their vote buying – hurray!

It is nice to say that in the headline. Their moneytheistic mindset has failed. I have said previously that I would be happy to see OOXML fixed before becoming an ISO standard. But those ethically-challenged Microsofties just do not understand how to do The Right Thing. They have been and continue to be blinded by sheer greed (like they really care to invest in education). They failed their own engineers. I am sure their engineers are appalled with the heavy handed way the marketing/money-minded, ethically and intellectually bankrupt deals that were placed before national standards organizations and the ISO. Now that ISO has officially declared that the vote as Disapprove With Comments, the next step of ballot resolution meeting in February 2008 would be an interesting battleground. What new ways of buying deals will these Redmond suits cook up next?

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