What M$ wants M$ gets?

The Norwegian standards body has been hijacked by M$ (as it seems to be). Free the format, Microsoft. Stop trying to look like a nice guy and be one.

Even when the OOXML is completelybroken, they think they can still get away with it. Perhaps we need to fix the ISO as well for M$ is now filling the various committees with “partners” to make sure that things happen in their favour.


  1. Stopping in their Tracks
    Isn’t there a way for Councils and NB to call the Bluff and show the number of technical probelms OOXML has?

    • Re: Stopping in their Tracks
      Possibly. What we need is to go to the ISO directly and demand that the entire process be thrown out. Get the UN involved somehow. The process has been hijacked by money, influence and greed – so what is new. Do go to NoOOXML.org and sign the petition. If NBs are hijacked, we have to have other ways to sort these guys out.

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