Blogging for businesses

Last week I took part in a round table (more of a square table if you ask me) about how blogging helps in the business community. This was an exercise sponsored by IBM Singapore and Singapore Press Holdings.

The session was fun, though the table was dominated by men only. Thankfully the session was moderated by a lady from SPH, Grace Chng. Why only men for the blogging discussion – I am not so sure. Perhaps it is time to reveal the site that will take these discussions forward Enjoy.


  1. COol stuff Harish.
    Thanks for this great post. Was wondering if there’s any plan for an aggrigated list of business IT bloggers (folks like yourself and other senior pple in the industry), specifically in the area of IT?
    I think these sharings and insights would be extremely beneficial for less seniors execs and students alike. =)

    • Aggregation?
      Aggregation of business IT bloggers in Singapore? I think that is what is trying to achieve. It is not currently taking in RSS feeds from other blogs in Singapore, but nothing is stopping them from doing so. Perhaps you want to post your comment there as well. I am told that good ideas stand to win prizes :-).
      If you get a copy of today’s dead tree version of the Digital Life, there is some content as well as a nice group photo of the participants at the session. A minor correction in that: I am not the CTO of Red Hat. I am the Open Source Evangelist there.

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