What I would like to ask BillG

I know that each of us on both sides of the ODF debate do so for various reasons. The fact that NO ONE other than Microsoft has been heard saying ANYTHING in support of the flawed ooxml, has to mean something. Did Apple come to their support? NO. There are “partners” who have come to Microsoft’s support. Why? They are partners – they get market development funds, special discounts etc from Microsoft. They are tied at the hip to Microsoft’s money machine. So, if these partners are asked to jump, they will ask, “How High?”. I have yet to come across a single entity that has independently come forward in support of ooxml. On the other hand, there are so many other companies and perhaps some “partners” who have come forward to express support of the ODF and against ooxml. While it is true that “the enemy of my enemy even if he is my enemy is now my friend” statement holds some water it also does seem to be living up to the ABM – Anything But Microsoft. How has a company that has helped make computing reach a major part of the world, now become so hated? Does BillG spend any time thinking about it? Or is his involvement with his charity a way to gain karma points for all the bad Microsoft has done and continues to do?

I have a few questions I would like to pose to him if given an opportunity:
a) Bill, back when I was in the OpEnv (PSS, 1988) group, on one of your visits, I asked you what your answer would be when comparing OS/2+PM and the then Windows 286/386. Your answer was that OS/2 and Presentation Manager would be the better deal for developers. Would you change that answer now (OS/2 and PM not existing now notwithstanding)?
b) Do you regret the letter you sent? A lot of your arguments are now invalid considering how the FOSS movement has gone past anything Microsoft has done.
c) What is your single biggest regret at Microsoft?
d) And what is the one thing you would want to change at Microsoft?

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