The IDA actually replied – thanks!

I am including the reply from IDA to my August 8th letter.
Aug 9, 2007
View N-Day Parade on various platforms
I REFER to Mr Harish Pillay’s letter, ‘Why restrict online viewing to Windows?’ (ST, Aug 8).

We wish to clarify that the camera views of the National Day Parade and fringe events can be accessed using various platforms and is not limited to Active X.

For instance, users on Linux platforms can access the same video streams using browser plug-ins from compatible media players such as Totem (

Most of these plug-ins can be used with various browser platforms like Firefox, Opera and Safari.

Mr Pillay may also be pleased to know that, in addition to the website, IDA has also extended the service to mobile platforms. These can be accessed at by GPRS and 3G users.

Specially for this year’s National Day, the three local mobile operators are waiving data charges for users accessing

Ng Sook Fun (Ms)
Corporate & Marketing Communication Division
Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore


GPRS and 3G users can access Specially for this National Day, the three local mobile operators are waiving data charges for users.

Sook Fun –

Thanks for the reply. My question was to do with the page:

What you could have gotten the website designer to put is
the link at:
on the previous page to make this all a non-issue.

Perhaps if the IDA had asked the Linux Users’ Group
(Singapore) –, for feedback much earlier,
we would have been able to advise you accordingly.

Never too late. Let’s make 2008 better. Hopefully you will
be streaming it out on a fully open video codec like Theora.


Posted by: harishpillay at Thu Aug 09 23:17:42 SGT 2007
i am not sure how I can view the streaming via my mac.
Posted by: lplp at Thu Aug 09 17:49:36 SGT 2007

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