Illumio and Google Desktop Search

Watching a podcast about Illumio, triggered some interesting ideas. The fact that their tool allows for anyone to pose a query and get a reply without any of the others on the network knowing that there was a quey of such is interesting. While all the usual concerns of security and privacy seem to have been addressed, I am wondering when Google itself will add the same capability to their desktop search tool? Illumio does not do Linux yet though. Pity.


  1. Illumio
    illumio is probably the only available service that routes questions and social networking requests to the right person based on detecting what they know automatically — and keeping it private. Very different from online Q&A forums that just broadcast the question to the group, and usually only get responses from people who are actively trolling the forums, or who’ve manually registered with some topic.
    For a sense of how illumio works, check out the “Virtual Worlds” group I recently created:

    • Re: Illumio
      Thanks for that Alex. While it is good to be able to use illumio in those scenarios, before even I can try it, illumio needs to provide a Linux version.
      Now, if I were using illumio and got a question asked and answered, does it offer me a chance to add it to an FAQ list?

      • Re: Illumio
        Thanks, Alex for that reply. So, over a period of time, a reasonably good FAQ gets built up. I would assume that illumio would check the FAQ first before posing it to the network. Would this FAQ be indexable on the web and hence discoverable via google, say?
        I like the relative automation in FAQ creation, and I would really like to see that is does propagate through the various feeds for it to be globally usable.
        In case it was missed out, when is the Linux client version going to be released?

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