Learning from Milkha Singh

Sam Varghese suggests that Red Hat should learn from Milkha Singh in that when looking back at the competition one can loose the big race. I think Sam is missing the point. If we (Red Hat and/or the open source community) were to play the game on the RULES set by the names mentioned in his analysis, then perhaps he has a point. The reality is that the open source community is NOT playing by the rules of the other side. We are also not playing the same game as well. We have a new pitch to play at and along with that new rules. The others in the older, proprietary game are welcome to participate in our game, but by our rules.

Sam has to throw out the Games Rules book he is using to analyze the moves and announcements by Red Hat at the Red Hat Summit last week. Sam, the game is different. We want to build on a vision that does not fit into today’s M$ defined desktop view. Please join us in articulating how we can achieve this. New games need new rules, new dreamers and new faith. Please join us.

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