Holding back the MS mafia

Kudos to the EU on getting their report out inspite of the arm twisting by MS and it’s front, CompTIA. Here’s the link to the actual report.

Read also this about how MS and their lackeys tried to respin the message to make it look like the EU was wrong. Shocking how blatant the mafia works.

What I cannot understand is how a company like Microsoft can dictate to a nation or a supernation entity? How did the collective us allow this to develop? They tried to coerce the ITSC to not submit a contradiction, but the ITSC prevailed. Why can’t we just get on with the business of solving the world’s problems instead of wasting time and effort and money on such deviousness?


    • Certainly there will be issues to be raised. ITSC has gotten the copy of the ECMA reply and are waiting for instructions from JTC1 on the need to go to the next stage. Let’s see what happens.

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