High speed trains

I am eagerly awaiting the announcement of a high speed train system between Bangkok/Kuala Lumpur/Singapore with onward connection under the Singapore Straits to Batam. If the Japanese can fund a high speed train in Vietnam, I am sure My/Sg/Th/Id can fund this system!

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  1. The _real_ danger
    I read your correspondence with DBS about the folly of using TFA with great interest.
    In “Part 3 of the DBS/TFA deal” at
    http://harishpillay.livejournal.com/43216.html ,
    you mentioned that TFA was useless against the threats outlined in
    http://www.schneier.com/blog/archives/2005/03/the_failure_of.html .
    However, isn’t the real issue the fact that some people will be fooled by pishers, or be infected with a trojan? If a customer is tech-savvy enough to be safe from the two threats above and not lose the TFA, but is careless enough to lose his/her username and password, won’t the TFA prevent a cracker from entering the user’s account?
    Wei Jie

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