Just set up an account on So, now I can be validated as Interesting concept though. How could this differ from the trust models that Sun and others have tried to setup – and sorta not taken off? I will have to ask Scott Kveton this as he is the CEO of the company behind this, JanRain. Scott was last leading the charge at the Open Source Lab at my alma mater, Oregon State.


    • MyOpenID
      As you probably would have guessed, I am very, very apprehensive of anything from Microsoft so I have no idea what MS passport does. As for the LibertyAlliance, I have not had a chance to test/check that out. Perhaps I should.
      Having said that, what is your experience with LA?

      • Re: MyOpenID
        As for LA, I’ll be able to tell you in a few months as I’m working in a french government agency who will set up a LA based identity project ( MSP : Mon Service Public : My Public Services)

  1. Think the opposite …
    … of Passport and the work that Sun has been doing. I actually did a post about this a few months ago here:
    The gist of it is there is no one company or organization that controls OpenID. It is truly a simple, open, light-weight and decentralized solution to single sign-on. In addition, it is currently only authentication. I am authenticating as this URL. Reputation, trust, etc will have to wait until we can get adoption at the authentication layer. The fewer the assumptions we make about this protocol, the more likely we are to be able to gain widespread adoption.
    Now, how does this play into is the identity provider the my company JanRain has developed. MyOpenID adheres to the OpenID protocol and is not the only identity provider out there. There will be lots of them. This is what makes this eco-system compelling to early adopters and users; a vibrant market that anyone can participate in. So how will we succeed? We believe we have first mover advantage in the space are are launching several new features that will allow us to continue to improve on the way we deliver OpenID’s for our users. The best feature that we’ve just released is the ability to host other users domains with our identity provider engine. You don’t want to worry about managing this stuff yourself? No problem, we can help you out! 🙂 Alright, alright … enough with the shameless plug … 🙂

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