My letter is printed!

It is nice that they actually ran it, 99% verbatim. It really irritates me that the paper chooses to use acronymns wrongly. FOSS is that not the way they edited it in the paper. Someone should buy them a clue and a style guide, PLEASE.

Years ago, I wrote to them asking why is it that they have to be “clever” (and in the process becoming really stupid) in how acronymns are to be used.

The reply then was that acronymns that can be pronounced, will have only the 1st letter capitalized. So, AIDS will become Aids!! HIV is HIV. Interestingly, PAP (which is highly pronounceable) is not Pap. Some standard – oops, sorry, they do not believe in standards.

I am keeping an archive of that letter here because they will not make it accessible after a week! BTW, in order that you view it on the site itself, you need to login! Duh!! I have a generic access to it – use anonymous10 as both the login ID and password. AND please DO NOT change the password!

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