Would you trust a Microsoft product?

Apparently, today Microsoft has released a search tool for people still stuck on a Windows platform. What was not surprising is that when I visited the URL, using Moz/Linux, it said

“Get it now! Free!
Warning! Your browser does not meet the minimum system
requirements. You are recommended to use the MSN Toolbar
Suite with Internet Explorer 5.01 or later.”

What? I need to run IE to be able to search a Windows desktop? Duh!? Google’s desktop search for Windows is a separate application not dependent on any browser.

For the sake of sanity of your system administrators and yourself, I would suggest avoiding any Microsoft application. Who knows what is inside it? Sadly, they make good malware. Now we shall await an exploit to happen. Not that the Google desktop search is safer, but I think I will trust a search engine company would do the right thing, better. Ideally, Google should open source the code so that it becomes ubiquitous and defeats all Microsoft attempts to subvert it (which I guarantee you is on top of their agenda).

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