Solaris 10 – Open Sourced?

These are very, very exciting times we live in. A formerly closed and proprietary operating system, Solaris, has been open sourced under what I think will be a GPL license.


Now we should look at the great engineering in that code base and merge it into Linux (perferrably Fedora and then into Red Hat Enterprise Linux).


We do not need to yet another variant of the Unix-like operating system around. We have the *BSD stuff already and most, if not all, of the good ideas and engineering has been adopted from *BSD into Linux. Let’s just continue with that tradition and do the same with Solaris.

It is mind-boggling to think how the Operating Systems world has changed and all of it being driven by the availability of a world-class open source operating system, Linux.

We are already seeing the bridging of the information gap between the haves and have-nots in countries like India, China, Vietnam, Brazil, Peru, nations in Africa etc. This *will not* have happened if the closed, proprietary software model that is being bandied around by the likes of Microsoft.

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