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An article was published in the Financial Times that was headlined “Log4j hack exposes problems with open-source software” which was syndicated and published, in what seems to be verbatim, but a local paper, the Straits Times as an opinion piece.

Here’s the article (it is behind a paywall$ at the Straits Times) published on 21 December 2021:

As published in the Straits Times on 21 December 2021

Given the relative prominence it was given and add to that zero commentary or inputs or counterpoints from anyone here in Singapore, shows a stunning lack of credibility on the part of the editors of the Straits Times (no real surprise here though, sadly).

This clickbait-y article has to be responded to and given how the editors of the Straits Times butcher and paraphrase letters to the editor (yeah, learned this the hard way over the years), I wrote in with a tight and to the point letter – and it got published pretty much verbatim, today 24 December 2021:

Letter published on 24 December 2021

As we round off 2021, it is even more critical that we – the collective all of us – understand how software and access to the actual code is a fundamental determinant on how society will progress, how we we manage and divert bad actors (state funded or otherwise).

Constant vigilance and open collaboration is the price we have to pay to ensure that no one is left behind and no one is shortchanged.

It is up to us.

I hope some of you would want to learn coding, teach people coding, build hardware, tinker, hack and learn and build generations of makers, tinkerers and doers.

Do consider joining the Institution of Engineers, Singapore or the Singapore Computer Society or the numerous software and hardware related meet-ups and clubs. Check out, various outfits that teach coding such as Saturday Kids, learning by doing (and volunteering) Engineering Good.

Join me at next year’s FOSSAsia 2022, there will be lots of opportunities to learn and contribute to all things open source.


10:03 am: Added link to the FT article


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