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tl;dr: make sure smtp_url definition starts as smtps.

I needed to set up access to a paid-for email provider, via mutt. Yes, they do have a web-based access, but real email users use mutt (and I’ve been using it since about 1998).

At least they are providing standard IMAP services which is the Right Thing and also support GPG signing and encryption built-in. I have not checked other providers, but for an email service to offer up standard GPG is a Big Win in my books.

I am writing this down more an as reminder to myself as well as a means of documenting how I got mutt to work with mailfence.

The most important thing to have set up right is the .muttrc file. Here’s what I’ve created for accessing

### Hosts
set hostname=<MY NEW DOMAIN>

### Paths

set mailcap_path="~/.mutt/mailcap-for-mutt:/etc/mailcap"
set mbox=+read
set record=+out
set postponed=+postponed
set signature="~/.mutt/signature"
set tmpdir="/tmp"
set alias_file=~/.mutt/aliases
set header_cache="$HOME/.mutt/.mutt_header_cache-mailfence"

### IMAP Stuff

set imap_user="<USERNAME>"
set imap_idle=yes
set imap_pass="<PASSWORD>" 

#---  SSL Specific Settings

set ssl_force_tls = yes

### External commands
set editor="vi"
set visual="vi"
set smtp_url = "smtps://<USERNAME>"
set smtp_pass = "<PASSWORD>"
set shell="/bin/sh"
set use_from=yes
set realname="Harish Pillay"
set from=harish@<MY NEW DOMAIN>
set envelope_from=yes

### PGP stuff
source ~/.mutt/pgp2.rc
set pgp_auto_decode

### Save hooks
save-hook . +read 

### Aliases / Addressbook
source ~/.mutt/aliases

Note carefully the “smtp_url” showing as “smtps://<USERNAME>”

It WILL NOT WORK if the url is “smtp://…”.

Only thing still pending is how the ‘b'(ounce) command works. Hitting ‘b’ to an email does pull in the mail and does send it out, but fails at the end of the sending. I use ‘b'(ounce) a lot so that the email remains intact in headers and is not one that is ‘f'(orwarded).

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