An interesting justification for use of TT data – the case for a Digital Bill of Rights.

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I was pointed to an opinion piece in a local paper about a reason for the justification of the use of TraceTogether contact data for police investigations (included below is an image of the piece).

The line that stands out for me it is: “But with mandatory face coverings, the police will need to supplement their intelligence gathering, and TraceTogether data may offer information at critical junctures.”

I call the BS on that. I feel it is throws shade on the SPF’s investigative skills. Give them credit on doing the investigations and finding the leads and information.

Yes, there was an oopsie and mea culpa moment and it is a great learning moment if the cabinet does indeed want to learn. I suspect that the hawks in the cabinet will not want to learn and hence we will be seeing the introduction of a bill to explicitly states the conditions when TT data can be used. The promise of “TT data only for contact tracing” was broken and the cynical amongst us might suggest that the it was the plan all along.

I recognize there is a case to be made for keeping the trust at the highest level and any chipping away at the trust should be done with eyes wide open. Each request to chip away must be done with full information and consent and with specific expected outcomes and even time-limited.

We urgently need a Digital Bill of Rights. The nationwide rollout of the police cameras over the years is troubling for me and many others because we do not have a proper Digital Bill of Rights that spells out all clearly what a citizen’s rights are and remedies should those be contravened. It is one thing to say that the government has measures in place to keep things confidential. We need proper oversight by independent citizens to ensure that these are indeed done in the manner that it is claimed. Anything else, is just “trust us, we are from the Government and we are here to help“.

Update 2pm 1 February 2021: I was interviewed by Bloomberg last week about the trust factor etc. They’ve just published an article,


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